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“In general I am afraid of wearing the beautiful clothes that I adore for fear of damaging them – which is stupid, because we generally end up no longer loving them without having worn them, in short;)
Yours do not age, no pilling, no deformation. I haven’t washed them yet, but the tips on your site give you complete confidence. ”

“Thank you for enchanting our daily life by daring to color”

“When I wear my short purple sweater with puff sleeves or my green Gigi dress sweater, I see life in color and I love it!”

“The grey Margot is the one I wear the most because it goes with everything but my favorite is the red chacha. The shape is crazy and the color sublime.”

“Your colorful creations are qualitatives and give positive energy!”

“And since then, I am so delighted. It was a budget but what a quality !!”

“The wool is crazy. I washed them with the detergent you recommended, they are like new. And the cherry on the cake, obviously, I only have compliments when I wear them.”

“So to sum up your products are magic and I must say that they are TOTALLY worth their financial investment.
No regrets because these are sweaters that I think I will keep for a very long time.
So thank you for this top quality! It is rare and very valuable. ”

“My sweater, I love it !! I love its colors, its shape, I feel good in it.”

“For my part, I bought the red cardigan with the wooden buttons. It was my winter cardigan, I wore it a lot, mostly closed with long-sleeved t-shirts underneath. Not washed yet (no need because it is ample). It is like new! ”

“I had to answer your email which I read … with my black Milly on me :-). It is super comfortable, goes with all my wardrobe, and is like new (I haven’t washed it yet). ”

“I don’t regret this investment at all!”

“My feedback is: sweaters really of impeccable quality ! Very beautiful and assumed shapes !”

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