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This cardigan is a wardrobe essential and I wear mine all the time, with everything. It is a single jersey knit so extremely fine. A wide raglan armhole creates a sleeve that is wide at the top and then tapers down. The small wooden buttons are made in the Jura region of France.

This cardigan is wide around the chest, the armhole and the top of the sleeve (52 cm around the middle of the chest for size 0/1 and 55 cm for size 2/3). For size 0/1 the length from neck to base is 50 cm, 52.5 cm for size 2/3. The sleeves are generous in length.

Overall, size 0/1 fits a 34, 36 or even a small 38. Size 2/3 fits a large 38, 40 or 42. The stitch has natural give, which allows for some wiggle room when selecting your size.

I discovered mohair and silk blend wool at “Cousine” (Raphaëlle’s haberdashery). This yarn is even shinier, brighter and softer than regular mohair yarns. It has the added benefit of not containing any petrochemical products. I searched for high-end Italian spinners to create this type of thread. Most mohair is mixed with a slightly elastic synthetic fibre, which makes the mohair easier to spin and is, of course, less expensive than silk. Spinning thread that is a mohair and silk blend requires a high level of skill because silk is nothing like as elastic as polyamide. This means that the machines must be carefully calibrated. I found the technical expertise and this special yarn at a high-end spinner with enormous experience.

The mohair used for this yarn comes from South Africa (see our “Mohair” page).
This sweater is made in a small family-run factory near Venice. In Italy, a limited number of spinners and dyers still exist, but most Italian sweater manufacturers closed down during the 90s due to competition from China. Those that have survived often have a show room and then sub contract production to small external plants that specialise in knitting, assembling, washing, ironing, and even packaging), either in Italy or sometimes in Bulgaria or Romania. In Italy, over the last few years, there has been a surge in the use of sub contractors that rely on migrant labour and rely on questionable work and pay conditions.

So I looked for a manufacturer that I could trust and who knows about knitting.
I was lucky enough to find Marzia. She has a small factory near Venice. Her mother still makes the patterns, while her uncles, aunts and brothers… work in the factory. She managed to survive the manufacturing downturn through a lot of hard work from the whole family, her expertise, loyalty from the brands that work with her, and strong management. Her schedule is efficiently run, so I try to send my product development and manufacturing runs to her during quiet periods.

Marzia has valuable expertise in mohair stitch work.
In fact, mohair is a natural fibre. So the washing and drying settings need careful calibration for each batch and each colour. You also need to know how to knit using the correct tension that will give the best results. One of the benefits of working with Marzia is that she is relatively local and speaks French so we can actually work together to fine tune the machine settings. When it comes to assembly, we also need to make small adjustments because a sweater made in Italy isn’t assembled in the same way as a sweater made in China. Because of the cost of labour, the Italians have developed a series of tricks and techniques that mean they can finish the knits by machine, whereas in China this work is done by hand. So, great care needs to be taken at this level.
Luckily, Marzia has a strong work and quality ethic.
She treats my sweaters as though they were her own.

Composition : 70% SuperKid Mohair 30% Silk
Origine du fil : Italy
Lieu de fabrication : Italy
Entretien : Machine wash possible. See our sweater care page. We recommend washing this cardigan with the buttons undone.
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