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The thing that makes this cardigan special is the fact it is made using extremely soft wool from French goats!

This jersey stitch cardigan has a very simple V-shaped neckline that closes with a pretty button made using environmentally friendly resin sprinkled with some ecological sequins too. It has wide, raglan armholes, and slightly wider sleeves that narrow at the bottom to create a puff sleeve effect. It is soft and can be worn either in winter, or in summer over a strapless dress.

In size 0/1, the sweater measures 57 cm from neckline to base, and I added 5 cm to size 2/3, bringing the length to 62 cm. The arms are a little wide at the top and narrow at the wrist. It is very wide around the chest.

Overall, size 0/1 fits a 34, 36 or even a small 38. Size 2/3 fits a large 38, 40 or 42. The stitch has natural give, which allows for some wiggle room when selecting your size.

This cardigan exists thanks to goats from the Mohair aux 4 vents farm. They are gentle goats, “well raised” by Audrey and her brother, near Sarlat, France.

Love and skill are the defining factors behind these goats’ sublimely soft, voluptuous and long fleece!
Naturally, after putting in all this work, Audrey (who trained as a quality engineer) entrusted her mohair fibres to a top Italian spinner and dyer.
“The most beautiful mohair thread!” Audrey labels her thread “pure Mohair”. In fact, it is made with only 2% polyamide (indispensable to spinning this dense thread).

The thread is much more expensive than even the most beautiful Italian mohair. It is so pricy that it had never before been used in machine knitting sweaters.
We entrusted this precious thread to our small family plant near Venice.
Marzia had to make a series of prototypes in order to find the right machine settings and washing processes. This cardigan has to be knitted very slowly because of the length of the fibres, but the end result really is incredible soft.

Composition : 98% Mohair 2% Polyamide
Origine du fil : Mohair fibers from French goats - Italian spinning.
Lieu de fabrication : Italy
Entretien : Machine wash 30 ° C possible if you follow our instructions to the letter! See our sweater care page.
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