Liona Navy blue Red buttons

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This short merino wool cardigan is made in France in an eco-responsible and traceable yarn. Its fairly fine jersey knit is very beautiful in navy. Its contrasting red buttons match the little red heart embroidered at the bottom of the left sleeve to remind us that “the spirit seeks and it is the heart that finds” (George Sand). I don’t know about you … but I like this quote !

Ce gilet est assez court. La manche est ajustée et l’encolure “V”. Julie mesure 1,80 cm et fait un 36/38. Elle porte une T0/1. Ce gilet fait 50 cm en poitrine pour T0/1 et 52 cm pour T2/3. La longueur est de 54 cm pour T0/1 et 56 pour T2/3.

This cardigan is a short cardigan. The sleeve is adjusted and the neckline is “V”. Julie measures 1.80 cm and makes a 36/38. She wears a S0/1. This cardigan is 50 cm in chest for S0/1 and 52 cm for S2/3. The length is 54 cm for S0/1 and 56 cm for S2/3.

The manufacturing is carried out by Armen in Clamart in the Paris suburbs. Armen is a technician who knows how to program his machines like a magician and his wife has golden fingers to assemble the parts!

This simple cardigan took a long time to see the light of day ! I went wrong with 2 or 3 qualities of yarn quality before finding the right one. I particularly doubted animal welfare in Merino sheep farming, so I took a long time before finding a yarn that guaranteed in a certain and totally traceable way that the animals, the workers and the environment were well treated throughout the stages of its manufacture. This is the case of the Nativa Precious Fiber yarn certified by the French textile group Chargeurs which goes even further than the RWS certification, insofar as it maintains, from its origin, a real link with breeders and uses technology ” blockchain ”which ensures traceability throughout the production chain.

Composition : 100% mérino
Origine du fil : Italy
Lieu de fabrication : France
Entretien : Machine cash is possible. Look at our page sweater care
navy blue
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navy blue


S0/1, S2/3