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This sweater is hand knitted using two yarns to create a chunky and puffy jersey stitch. The mohair breathes and the sweater is really comfortable to wear. The irregular and authentic yarn is by Fonty, a small French spinning mill. The neckline is high and wide, finished using tubular 1×1 ribbing. It has raglan armholes and simple sleeves.

This sweater has raglan sleeves and a simple shape that is neither fitted nor baggy.

It is knitted using circular needles so there is no side seam.

Overall, the sweater fits a 34, 36 or even a small 38.

This sweater is on the short side.

For years and years I’ve owned a sweater that was hand knitted by Raphaëlle using this yarn. It hasn’t lost any of its beauty, softness, shine or bounce… it is just unique!
This yarn is by Fonty, a small French spinning mill in the Creuse.

When I first went to visit the site, I was shown the pretty little stream that runs through the mill and the clarity of the wastewater after it had been treated in a bamboo pool. The visit had started well! The spinning mill, founded in 1880, is one of the last in France and operates on great values. It makes natural and authentic yarns in beautiful colours, designed for hand knitting.

I tried having this sweater machine knitted in France. Without success.

If I wanted to use this beautiful French mohair to make sweaters, then hand knitting was the only way forward! At the moment, I’m not sure it’ll be possible to keep making this sweater because it takes at least 3 days to knit. Even so, I want to keep trying because this hand knitted sweater is the most beautiful and durable thing ever.

Composition : 75% Mohair 20% wool 5% polyamide
Origine du fil : France
Lieu de fabrication : France. Hand knitted.
Entretien : Machine wash possible. See our sweater care page.
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