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Sweater care

A quality sweater can be kept for a long time

lavage machine
1 Select a delicate wool cycle
2 Set the spin cycle to a maximum 800 rpm
3 Set the temperature to 30°C maximum
4 Put your sweater in a pillow case that can be closed securely
5 Use a special wool detergent
6 Use very little detergent
7 Remove the sweater from the machine at the end of the cycle
8 Dry flat on a towel and turn half way through drying


Only wash your mohair sweater occasionally. I prefer to machine wash because when you hand wash the water might run too hot for a bit, it’s easy to wring the sweater too hard when trying to get the water out, to leave it soaking for too long, to use too much detergent… Follow the eight tips above for a safe machine wash, or otherwise take your sweaters to the dry cleaners.


Why is it important to use special wool detergent?
Wool is made from protein fibres similar to human hair, and contains natural oils. An overly abrasive wash may remove the fibres natural protective layer and result in sweaters felting. Having tested many environmentally friendly detergents, here is my favourite:


Before setting out to create a wool detergent for home use, I went to see Caroline Gomez to ask her advice. Her answer was a real lesson in simplicity: “you should wash your sweater the way you wash your skin: using a gentle soap”. Read more of her lifestyle and essential laundry tips, and find out about her gentle rose soap, which can be used to wash your clothes and skin.

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once dry

The few remaining creases will drop out during wearing. If necessary, very gently iron your sweater on the reverse side using a damp cloth and without pressing. Use a steam setting.

Tips for prolonging the life of your sweater

In the event that your sweater starts pilling, you can use a highly efficient electric razor specially designed to tackle pills.

If your sweater loses its volume, you can release the tiny fibres by combing it very gently with a larg-tooth comb. Wash occasionally using a lanoline treatment to feed your sweater and restore the fabric’s natural shine.

If you ever get a little bored just change the buttons or add some embroidery to your sweater. We offer creative workshops and tutorials for how to give your knitwear a new lease of life. Visit our Love to create page.

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