Lio fuchsia headband

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Knitted using a chunky jersey stitch with a crossover effect at the front, this headband is wide and covers most of the head. It is hand knitted by women in rehabilitation.

This headband is very wide and covers more of the head than regular headbands. The stitch has natural give so the headband fits all sizes.

I met Catriona who works with women being rehabilitated in a prison just outside Paris. They hand knit my Lio headbands, which are the first pieces we worked on together.
The mohair yarn used is by Fonty, a small French spinning mill.

Composition : 70% Mohair 25% wool 5% polyamide
Origin of the yarn : France
Where it was made : France. Hand knitted.
Sweater care : Machine wash possible. See our sweater care page.
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