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Great haberdashery

Mercerie Cousine : 30 rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris.

Go to Raphaëlle for beautiful wool and mohair in gorgeous colours.




Mercerie Ultramod : 3-4 rue de Choiseul 75002 Paris.

Hundreds of buttons sorted in order of style and colour, each more stunning than the next. Often vintage. A beautiful place.


Dam boutons : 46 rue D’Orsel 75018 Paris.

Floor to ceiling buttons.


Lili et Daniel since 1860 : Stand 6 Marché Vernaison- 99 rue des rosiers aux puces de Saint Ouen.

For colourful gems to jazz up old sweaters. Fill your cupwith dozens of different types of gem



La Droguerie 9-11 rue du jour à Paris. An “institution” where you can find out everything about gems, wool, ribbon, and more.



Henry Henriette – 8 rue des 3 croissant à Nantes.