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My story

"I aim to prioritise quality, beauty, meaning, respect for our planet and living things"

My name is Katia Sanchez. I created my first collection, Des Petits Hauts, in 1999 in my student digs; a few months later, my sister joined me in Paris and my father painted the walls of our first mini boutique-office pink! It was the launch of a career based around soft fabrics, sequins, humour, lots of beautiful, highly talented people and a lot of work too, to create beautiful clothes and a whole new world. Eighteen years later (wow, 18!), I left Des Petits Hauts.


I took a wonderful break that meant I could reconnect full time with my daughters, Elsa and Jeanne, go on walks, read, sleep (at last!) and travel. I went to India. Ultimately, that incredible journey was about an insane contrast between beauty, vibrant colours – and unimaginable pollution (plastic wastelands… contaminated air). That shock got me thinking.


A few months later, I once again felt the urge to start a business and an old friend of my father’s (a builder, like my father) told me: “we’re good at the things we love”. His words made an impression. I love creating, I love colour, I love quality. I love stitchwork. I decided to stick to my passion.


My thoughts flitted between issues around the depletion of natural resources: deforestation, eutrophication, global warming… and my range of colours and pattern illustrations. Let’s just say it wasn’t always easy to marry the two inside my head! And then I found out about the awful greenwashing that is practiced by so many current suppliers and brands. At the same time, I realised that a lack of traceability can sometimes makes things very difficult.


I did my research, asked a lot questions, and worked with MU, an eco-design company so that I could really understand the challenges. I met with manufacturers in France and Italy. I visited mills and was pleased to find that some had a real ecologoical conscience. I visited dyers and told myself that technological progress was the only way forward. I visited farms and discovered a real passion for animals and nature. Read our article about mohair here


I believe that by making things locally, slowly and ethically, I can create beautiful items that have meaning. And there, in just a few words, is the heart of my project.

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