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“In general I am afraid of wearing the beautiful clothes that I adore for fear of damaging them – which is stupid, because we generally end up no longer loving them without having worn them, in short;)
Yours do not age, no pilling, no deformation. I haven’t washed them yet, but the tips on your site give you complete confidence. ”

“Thank you for enchanting our daily life by daring to color”

“When I wear my short purple sweater with puff sleeves or my green Gigi dress sweater, I see life in color and I love it!”

“The grey Margot is the one I wear the most because it goes with everything but my favorite is the red chacha. The shape is crazy and the color sublime.”

“Your colorful creations are qualitatives and give positive energy!”

“And since then, I am so delighted. It was a budget but what a quality !!”

“The wool is crazy. I washed them with the detergent you recommended, they are like new. And the cherry on the cake, obviously, I only have compliments when I wear them.”

“So to sum up your products are magic and I must say that they are TOTALLY worth their financial investment.
No regrets because these are sweaters that I think I will keep for a very long time.
So thank you for this top quality! It is rare and very valuable. ”

“My sweater, I love it !! I love its colors, its shape, I feel good in it.”

“For my part, I bought the red cardigan with the wooden buttons. It was my winter cardigan, I wore it a lot, mostly closed with long-sleeved t-shirts underneath. Not washed yet (no need because it is ample). It is like new! ”

“I had to answer your email which I read … with my black Milly on me :-). It is super comfortable, goes with all my wardrobe, and is like new (I haven’t washed it yet). ”

“I don’t regret this investment at all!”

“My feedback is: sweaters really of impeccable quality ! Very beautiful and assumed shapes !”

Kika sweater from A to Z

I take the time. Nothing rush me because my products will last. I do not do them for one season but for several. I imagine (and I hope!) that my client will keep her sweater for a long time too. So the concept of delay is no longer the same. In my creative work, it’s the same thing, I take time. I draw dozens or even hundreds of sweaters but I have to make choices, find the preferred sweater … and that is the puzzle and it takes me time!

Color is also a very strong source of inspiration. Thinking about a model is necessarily thinking about its color and that goes rather quickly.

For the Kika sweater, I saw a photo of a Japanese field of pink and yellow flowers in Japan from @ 8nabi and it really made me want to make a sweater in these 2 colors.


So, I went to Raphaëlle’s (Cousine haberdashery) and we looked for the right colors of mohair and she knitted a prototype. This prototype supported us in the idea that this model was really beautiful and able us to place the pattern well.

To see the prototype take shape in hand knitting is magic and then it saved a lot of time thereafter and helped the comprehension of the programmer who had to make a computer program for the industrial knitting machine.

Meanwhile, I looked for a quality of yarn that could be knitted industrially and that is suitable for this model. I looked for the finest quality of mohair and wanted 100% natural yarn. Without polyamide. The 70% superkid mohair and 30% silk yarn that I chose is really beautiful. The fibers that make it up are long and very fine, resulting in a very soft, light sweater that will not tend to pilling.

I worked with a small knitting workshop near Venice in which Marzia does “as for her”.

First, we validated knit swatches to choose the gauge, tightening, washing.

Then, thanks to my detailed technical sheet and thanks to the visualization of the hand knitted sweater, Marzia made a prototype which was almost perfect the first time!


I made a very small first production that Marzia knitted in September 2019.

You liked this model. It is my best seller. I intend to extend it endlessly and play with the colors for the next winter. For my second production of this sweater, I plan to ask Marzia to tighten the knit a little and adjust the measures a bit because I think the size 0/1 was a little big. I’m thinking about making a size 4/5 because many of you have asked me to. Here !


Behind the scene of Studio Pollen

When Jennifer Sath, a talented photographer that I barely know, offers me to do a little photo report with one of my “Instagram followers” who would have a nice world, I found the idea great and I quickly thought of Coralie @ studio.pollen who welcomed me with open arms. Coralie is a young thirties full of ideas, kindness and talents who, having passed through Paris, decided to return to the city of her childhood to devote herself to her passion: flowers ! She changes all the time in her studio, teems with creative projects and is happy but then really really happy to do what she does! I love her world, her words, her colorful flowers. I let you discover it …














Great haberdashery

Mercerie Cousine : 30 rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris.

Go to Raphaëlle for beautiful wool and mohair in gorgeous colours.




Mercerie Ultramod : 3-4 rue de Choiseul 75002 Paris.

Hundreds of buttons sorted in order of style and colour, each more stunning than the next. Often vintage. A beautiful place.


Dam boutons : 46 rue D’Orsel 75018 Paris.

Floor to ceiling buttons.


Lili et Daniel since 1860 : Stand 6 Marché Vernaison- 99 rue des rosiers aux puces de Saint Ouen.

For colourful gems to jazz up old sweaters. Fill your cupwith dozens of different types of gem



La Droguerie 9-11 rue du jour à Paris. An “institution” where you can find out everything about gems, wool, ribbon, and more.



Henry Henriette – 8 rue des 3 croissant à Nantes.

My cool Paris second-hand stores





Ferme aux 4 vents

Audrey and Mathieu are a brother and sister duo. In 2010, they breathed life back into their grandparents’ farm in the Perigord Noir and threw themselves into rearing angora goats. Today they have 250 angora goats and recently added a few Lowline cows.




Mathieu grows his own feed, breeds goats, and shears and sorts the mohair while Audrey is in charge of having it washed, conbed and dyed in Italy. They manage and supervise the entire process to provide outstandingly soft and high quality yarns. They sell balls of wool and hand knitted hats at the farm, which is often open to visitors.


My Margot waistcoat is made from the famous “pure mohair” from the Mohair aux 4 vents Farm and we are very proud of Audrey and Mathieu!

I wanted to use this audio recording to give them the opportunity to talk about their work as goat farmers and their life on Ferme des 4 Vents. We had lunch together after the interview, and I asked Mathieu about Australian farming, the Mulesing, parasites… I was so sorry that his answers weren’t in the recording that I’m posting some of them here for you:

“It is wrong to assume that animals are treated better in small holdings. There are no rules and sometimes, because of a lack of resources or professionalism, small holdings are far from exemplary.Large farms are often falsely maligned.”

“It’s worth remembering that breeders have a vested interest in treating their animals well. An animal has to be well nourished and happy to get a fine, soft and high quality wool.”

“Animals are no different than humans: some stand out and are extraordinary. That’s just nature. Merino sheep are natural. Although breeders have optimised the breed through selection, when it comes down to it, merino sheep are found in nature. It’s the same with our goats. We pick the best animals for breeding but that doesn’t mean our angora goats are any less “natural” than the goats that have existed since time immemorial”.






Photos Studio Guy Souillac- Emilie Humbert

Behind the scenes at our photo shoot

Mission impossible: finding a flowery meadow in mid July after three scorching days! Go, Instagram! Emilie finds a picture of the field of our dreams on a nature-lover’s account. Two days later, here we are, off the beaten track on the Ile de France for our photo shoot and a lovely picnic.